How to Install WebMatrix Extensions

WebMatrix 2 provides a new feature called Extensions Gallery. All the extensions you see in this site are available through WebMatrix and can only be installed by using WebMatrix. This tutorial walks you through the steps of installing an extension.

  1. If you have not downloaded and installed WebMatrix you can do so for free here
  2. Run WebMatrix, the first screen allows you to select a site to start working with: WebMatrix first screen
  3. For this example we use the Personal Site Template: Template Selection
  4. Double click on it to open your site within WebMatrix: Site Workspace
  5. Click on the Extensions Gallery button on the ribbon to display the Extensions Gallery: Extension Gallery
  6. Browse or search the available extensions, click the extension to install (example: "ColorThemeManager"), click install, and accept the EULA: Extension EULA
  7. Notice the new button on the ribbom, this button allows access to the “ColorThemeManager” extension: Optimize Image menu item
  8. From now on your extension will be available in WebMatrix until you decide to update it or unistall it through the Extension Gallery.

In summary, users can take advantage of the WebMatrix Extensions to install new features and services.